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Module 1-Module 2重点词组、短语和句子


1. go on the Pearl River Cruise 游珠江 2. see white tigers 看白老虎

3. go to the Six Banyan Temple 去六榕寺 4. have fun 玩乐, 玩得开心

5. go to the Baiyun Hill 去白云山 6. have dimsum 吃点心

7. a lot of 许多 8. do some reading 读点书

9. play cards 打牌 10. surf the Net 上网

11. write a letter 写信 12. go fishing 钓鱼

13. watch the football match on TV 在电视上看足球比赛

14. a stupid film 一部愚蠢的电影 15. go swimming 去游泳

16. to tell you the truth 实话告诉你 17. go to the cinema 去电影院

18. You’d better… 你最好 19. national flag 国旗

20. the capital of China 中国首都

21. Tokyo is a good place to visit 东京是一个参观得好地方

22. I’d like to go to Paris 我想去巴黎

23. The capital of China is Beijing. 中国首都是北京。

24. The capital of Japan is Tokyo. 日本首都是东京。

25. The capital of France is Paris. 法国首都是巴黎。

26. The capital of Italy is Rome. 意大利首都是罗马。

27. The capital of America is Washington D.C. 美国首都是华盛顿。

28. The capital of Australia is Canberra. 澳洲首都是堪培拉。

29. The capital of New Zealand is Wellington. 新西兰的首都是惠灵顿。

30. The capital of the UK is London. 伦敦是英国首都。

31. New York is the biggest city of the USA. 纽约是美国最大的城市.

32. Sydney is the largest city of Australia. 悉尼是澳洲最大的城市。

33. Paris and Rome are so noisy and crowded. 巴黎和罗马是如此吵闹和拥挤

34. Wellington is quieter than the other cities. 惠灵顿比其他城市要安静。

35. I prefer to go to Tokyo, 我更喜欢去东京.

36. Let’s just visit Beijing 让我们就参观北京吧.

37. It’s the national flag of France= It’s the French national flag. 它是法国国旗.

38. There are a lot of beautiful clothes there. 那里有许多漂亮的衣服.

39. Let’s go to Xiangjiang Zoo instead. 我们不如去香江动物园吧。

40. Guangzhou has a smaller population than Tokyo.

= Tokyo has a bigger population than Guangzhou.

广州人口比东京少. /日本比广州人口多

Module 3-Module4重点词组、短语和句子


1. see a film 看电影 2. watch TV 看电视

3. go shopping 去购物 4. play computer games 玩电脑游戏

5. What’s the matter? 你怎么啦 6. You don’t look happy你看起来不开心

7. I’m bored 我很无聊 8. It’s so boring. 它是这么无聊

9. Would you like to go to the cinema with me? 你想跟我去电影院吗? 10. go boating 去划船 11. go sightseeing 去观光

12. go for a walk 去散步 13. come to a party 去聚会

14. come to tea 去喝茶 15. go to a circus 去看马戏

16. invite all my friends 邀请我所有的朋友17. have a picnic outside在外面举行野餐

18. bring some food /Coke/friends带一些食物 /可乐/朋友

19. listen to the CDs 听我的CD 20. watch a VCD 看VCD

21. No problem 没问题

22. Can I take a message? 我可以捎个口信吗?

23. She’s not in. 她不在 24. See you then. 到时见

25. I called you this morning, but you weren’t at home.


26. He’s on the phone. 他在听电话.

27. The phone is ringing. 电话响了. 28. No answer? 没人接电话

29. Are you busy now? 你现在忙吗? 30. I’m free. 我现在有空。

31. at home 在家 32. in the restaurant 在饭馆

33.in the classroom 在教室里 34. at the zoo 在动物园

35.in the library 在图书馆 36. at the market 在市场

37. Wrong number 号码错误

38 Can you call back later? 你吃点打过来好吗?

39. What‘s the matter with her?. 她怎么啦?

40. She said she had a headache last night. 她说她昨晚头痛.

41. Sometimes she felt hot and sometimes cold. 她有时觉得热有时觉得冷.

42. She needs to get plenty of rest. 她需要足够的休息.

43. I/ He /She was/wasn’t at home yesterday. 我/他/她昨天在/不在家。

44. You/ They were/weren’t busy yesterday. 你/你们/他们昨天忙/不忙.

45. Was he/she at school yesterday? 他/她昨天在学校吗?

46. Were you /they at the library yesterday afternoon?


47. Would you like to go shopping with me? 你想和我去购物吗?

48. Do you want to watch VCDs? 你想看VCD吗?

49. Shall we go for a walk? 我们去散步好吗?

Module 5-Module 6重点词组、句子

同学们一定要会背,会默写,每天默10个短语, 10个关键句.

1. see (saw) a film 看电影 2.play (played) football 踢足球

3. help (helped) my mum clean the room.帮我妈妈打扫房间

4.cook (cooked) a big meal煮大餐5. paint(painted) a picture画一张图 6.wash (washed) my dog 洗我的狗7. do (did) my homework 做作业 8. do (did)my housework做家务

9. mark (marked) the pupils’ homework批改学生作业

10. That sounds different那听起来很特别

11. You had a busy day.你真忙碌

12. prepare(prepared) today’s lessons准备今天的课

13. do(did) gardening做园艺工作

14. go(went) shopping 购物 15. play(played)tennis 打羽毛球16. wash(washed) the dishes 洗盘子

17. It’s time to go home. 回家时间到了

18. different from 与。。。不同

19. Is it your/his/her/their/ first time in Britain? 这是你/他/她/他们第一次在英国吗?

20. Christmas is the most important in Britain.圣诞节是英国最重要的节日

21. Christmas is the most popular festival in western countries.


22. Spring Festival is the most important and popular festival in China.


23. We have lots of parties and no school. 我们有很多聚会,而且不用上学

24. Father Christmas brings presents to all the children.


25. I can’t wait. 我迫不及待了。

26. Father Christmas puts presents in the stockings at night.


27. I think Father Christmas is fantastic! 我觉得圣诞老人很了不起。

28. Welcome to China 欢迎来到中国

29. It sounds like our Christmas 它听起来像我们圣诞节

30. People go to Flower Fairs before Spring Festival. 人们在春节前去逛花市

31. Adults usually give lucky money to children during Spring Festival


32. Help yourself to some dumplings.请随便吃点饺子。

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